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My Nguyen_Community Managerin • 21 April 2023

Hello and welcome to the community platform of Together in Germany!


I am My and I co-moderate the English-speaking forum together with Yara. I have knowledge in labor migration, family reunification as well as recognition of foreign degrees. I am happy to support you with all your questions about living and staying in Germany.


Together in Germany is a multilingual community platform for all questions about living in Germany.

In the forum, you can ask questions and share your experiences with other community members. You will receive responses from the community, Yara and myself. If you need more specific information, we can conntect you with experts who can help you, find the answers you need.

As the community manager, I ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe in the forum. I am here to help and support you if you need information or if you have any difficulties. If you want to contact me directly, please tag me in every comment you write with @My Nguyen_Community Managerin. I will receive a notification and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for all your contributions and shares on Together in Germany!


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Hello, can i have some advice please feom you iam moroccan 38 years old i have a lot of experiences and i worked in almost 10 type of jobs, im looking for a better payment and a dicent life, im taking care of 7 persons at home, i have a diplom as technician computer management


My Nguyen_Community Managerin
Hello hope you’re doing well,

Today I have received an email from haagermany.help they asked me question, and the question was (please upload travel documents of your family) then I uploaded so can you tell me what is the next step. 
I will highly appreciate your help.


Suliman Hassani


My wife was defender activist.

She has case with Kabul luft bruke ter are several emails back and forth about her case and the last email was from Federal Hagermany and it was about four months ago. Please update me how long will it take for her case to be approved, because life in Afghanistan is very difficult for women like her.


Hello maden hope doing i got 3 years docmnt from BAMF i want to bring my family because in frist three months who who got asylum protaction give information about family so first what should i do to start working for bring my family
Thanks alot
Sharafatullah haqyar


Thank you for having me!! I am so glad I found this counselling platform :) :)


My Nguyen_Community Managerin thank you for the work that you're doing here. please I posted my concern directly under Yara _Community Manager page. As I do not want to post it in all the pages here . But as the manager, maybe you can look into my concern with Yara, to see if you might have any information that might be helpful to me. Thank you. Jasmine


appreciate your support. would you please tell me, when the opportunity card will be launch and from where we can apply?



Thank you @ my nguyen!
Thanks a lot from your kind supports


Hallo I have a question regarding application for permanent residence permit and counting of the residency durations.

I have been living in Germany since April 3, 2015. I came here on a student visa and graduated with my first degree at the end of March 2018. After that, I was on a job-hunting visa for 1.5 years under section 20 and worked during that time.

I then started my second degree in October 2019 and I am still a student and continuing my studies under the current student visa. I have already paid pension insurance contributions for more than 60 months. I would like to know, when I apply for the settlement permit, I know the the study period count as half of it.

But what about the 1.5 year job seeker visa that I had under Section 20 from April 2018 to September 2019, where I also worked.

Does this count as residence or full-time or part-time when applying for a permanent residence permit or settlement permit according to Section 9?

I am eagerly awaiting your reply,

Kind regards,



I am mohammadullah ahmadi. I have 4 children. I have registered my self in cases@kabulluftbruecke.de
.but up to now only case number, i didn't receive any reply. I was sergeant in APPS System or Afghanistan people payment system in Kabul Military Training Center of Afghanistan. The Taliban up to now want to find me with all my family to kill us. Also i do not have permission to work in any place. Because if i recognise by any one , we will die by Taliban same my brother Reza. He was same me sergeant. The Taliban killed my brother. So please help us . I am waiting for your reply. One things i did not tell is that my children did not have permission go school. Any if the Germany government hell us we will be alive .because only our you is Germany government. Without it we will die from jobless or economy problems, my children may become made from stress the Taliban bring of them even us. Or maybe Taliban find us one day and they will kill us on that day.
Please comprehend us.
Please think about us .please


Please i don't have money to take all my family out from Afghanistan. All of us have Passport. But unfortunately the time of our passport will be expire but up to now we didn't receive any reply what must we do.
If you want i send all my evidences to check it in any email if you send to my email to understand in what situation we live in Afghanistan. Every day ,every night by hope of we receive any good replies k open my email but up to now i didn't receive any reply. I with all my family are very disappointed. Please help us. Or the us what must we do. Those people don't be in danger but they have money payed for several engo and they made for them evidences. And they are now in Germany. But we are really in bad situation and in danger we are still in Afghanistan. Please
Help us .
I am doctor of laboratory. I was teacher of English language and computer section. I am plumbing too.i am good driver. But unfortunately if i go in any place in Afghanistan for getting the job the Taliban recognise me . And they come to that place to kill me . I am in very very bad situation.
The people of Afghanistan issued document the Taliban want to kill us and mentioned my name on it . Please help us
Please please


Dear Mohammadullahahmadi thank you for reaching out to us. Please note that I needed to delete your private information to protect your data.
I am sorry to hear about your difficult situation. Unfortunately, the situation in Afghanistan is very difficult and many are waiting for the admission program. Up until now there are only a few who arrived to Germany successfully. Indeed, it is very sad that a lot of people are still suffering due to bureaucratic hurdles.
Even though we would like to help, we cannot provide visas or approval of admission. We are not a registration office (“Meldestelle”) but only an information/community platform based in Germany. All the information we can provide can be accessed through our information site here: https://handbookgermany.de/fa/afghanistan-info
If you registered through Kabul Luftbrücke, they only can answer your inquiries.
For financial help you can reach out to Beporsed: https://www.beporsed-ma-ra.org/en-us#service-map
Additionally, you can find local support by UNHCR: https://help.unhcr.org/afghanistan/
Even though the German admission program proceeds, at the moment, it will continue with individuals who have already received an approval. Since you have not yet received an approval, you may consider exploring other relocation programs from different countries, which can be found on the UNHCR website: https://help.unhcr.org/afghanistan/relocation/
My deepest apologies that we cannot support you any further.

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