Zeugnis and Lernstandbericht

root • 10 July 2024

Hello Everyone.

I have a question related to my kids education. we move to Germany two years ago and my son got admission in school. after completion of one year he receive "Zeugnis" . But this year he receive "Lernstandbericht". I asked the school about this and they replied if a child is new in german school and do not know good german he will receive Lernstandbericht and all other kids will receive Zeugnis.

My question is, will it impact anything when making decision about his school after 3rd class.


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Hello root,
thank you for reaching out regarding this, I am sure many others on our community platform have similar questions.

The German school system is quite divers depending on the federal state or “Bundesland” you are in. The decision of what school he will go to will usually be decided on earliest, and depending on what federal state you are in after the 4th class. Not after the 3rd class.

If you are concerned that this will affect the decision it would be good to talk to the teachers again. The “Lernstandbericht” as far as I read, is created for students that are new to Germany and the school system.

You can also reach out to advice centre that can further help you with questions for some federal states about the education system: https://www.kebik.de/en/counseling/beratungsablauf

Would be great if you can share your experience also with others if you have received information from the school or the counselling centre.
For others interested you can read more about the German school systems here: https://handbookgermany.de/en/school

Best wishes.

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