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Halasaadeh • 7 November 2022

hi i am lebanese living in danmark with a family reunfication residance and want to move to germany for work what should i do 

Work permit

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Hello Halasaadeh, thank you for your question.
Whether or not you can move and work in Germany depends on various factors and your current residency status. First of all, you would need to check if you have the right to live and work in Germany. You can ask you local authorities whether your residency allows this, it should also say on the residency itself. For example, if your spouse or your partner has EU citizenship i.e., Danish and lives and works in Germany you can move to Germany as well. Otherwise, you can apply for a German National Type D Visa for work or job seeking for example. You should be able to apply for this at the Germany embassy in Denmark. This depends on the residency you have in Denmark.
In order to receiver a National Type D visa to Germany you have to proof that you can be financially independent. All the requirements are also listed here:
For a work visa you will also need a job offer in Germany. If you want to look for a job in Germany, then maybe the job seeking visa is best for you.
Here you can read more about the requirements for a job seeking visa Or any other visa that suits you:
You can also find this information in Arabic and 7 other languages.
Maybe this link is also useful for you:…

I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you need any other information.
I hope that you can come to Germany soon.
Best wishes

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