What are my rights? Workshop!

Jens Leuner Faire Integration BB • 18 April 2023

Dear community,

Is my boss allowed to do that? Do I get money while I'm sick? Is overtime paid? Who pays for workwear? What can I do if I don't get paid? ...

We can answer all of these questions and your personal concerns in our ongoing event on the subject of "labour law". The event can take place online at any time by appointment. All you need is a cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

We arrange our appointments according to your requests!

We also offer events in in your city, throughout Brandenburg. Here, too, we are very flexible and mobile by appointment. By agreement, we can hold the event in German, English, Persian, Polish, Russian or Portuguese.

Feel free to send your inquiries via this platform or to jens.leuner[a]caritas-goerlitz.de

Best regards

Jens Leuner


Workers' rights

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