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Hi, I am Yara and I moderate the English forum.

Living in Germany comes with a lot of bureaucracy, paperwork and hurdles, especially for new comers or those that do not speak German perfectly.

Together in Germany is a multilingual community platform all about life in Germany. Here you can share your experiences and ask your questions. You will receive answers from the community and myself, if you need more specific information I can reach out to experts that can help you, find the answers you need.

I am looking forward to receiving your posts on the forum!

Best wishes



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Hello Yara, I’m glad to be here. Thank you and all the team for this unique initiative.


There are many refugees that lost their document before they came to Germany, some were ilegal in Ukraine, they can't register, they can't get benefits, some were forced to apply for Asylum which is not a good option in Germany because their movement will be restricted. Please what's the way out for these set of people? Do you know any NGOs in Berlin that gives financial support to refugees?


Thank you and I am happy to be part of this platform.

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