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ozer-saber • 14 June 2022

I am student came from ukraine iam from iraq originally  they give me six months fiktionsbescheinigung they said to me you can’t have protection what will happen to me after this six months 

Residence permit

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Hello ozer-saber, thank you for your question. Many third country nationals face the same issue. You have the opportunity to apply for another residency, if you do not receive the temporary protection. You have to see if you can fulfill all the requirements. You mentioned you are a student- then maybe you can applying for a student residency. The main hurdles with the residency is that you have to prove that you can cover your own living costs- for students this is a block account for around 10,000 euros. You should seek advice from a specialized center that can help you in navigating what is the best and easiest solution for you.
Where in Germany are you currently? - you can just tell me the postcode.
I will then search for an advice center near you.
You can also search yourself by using our local search tool:

For more information and resources see:

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Thank you ozer-saber. I have done some research and found the following advice center, that you can contact in Duisburg.…

They can also speak English. You find their contacts when you scroll down. You can make an appointment with them via phone or e-mail. If you need help making an appointment please let me know.
Please give us feedback if they were able to help you or not. I am always happy to answer further questions

Best wishes

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