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My name is Laeticia, I am from Lebanon. On 01/04/2022 I applied for a study Visa at the German Embassy in Beirut. On 16/06/2022 I received a rejection Letter from the authorities. I submitted a remonstration letter to the Embassy on 29/06/2022. Until now I have no answer. Knowing that the legal response to any matter is three months. 

Kindly note that I am registered at SRH University and pursuing my master degree online, waiting for my visa. 

To which German authorities should I address my case for support? The 


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Hello Laeticia, I am sorry that your visa got rejected, that is super frustrating to wait such a long time for the response of the embassy. Indeed many visas get rejected on the basis that the German embassy assumes that you are unwilling to return. The embassies usually work through the remonstration letter chronologically so it might take some time. But yes, over 6 months is a very long time.
Once you receive a reply from the remonstration letter and it is another rejection you can file a complaint against the decision with the administrative court in Berlin within one month. Legal action can also be taken against the original decision, directly before the administrative court in Berlin within one month, without prior remonstration.
For data protection reasons, information in the visa procedure may only be given to the applicant himself or to a person authorized by him in writing.
You can read this information on the German embassies website:…

I would strongly advise that if you file a complaint that you consult a lawyer beforehand.

I would recommend that you try and also involve your University and see if they can put pressure on the German embassy to give you a response to your remonstration letter. Have you already asked them, if they could help you?
If you want you can also involve a lawyer and try to pressure the embassy to answer your remonstration letter. You would need to give them permission to contact the embassy on your behalf in writing. In German this is called a "Vollmacht" or power of attorney is very specific so that it cannot be misused.
If you have any further questions I am happy to help. I hope that you will soon get a positive response from the German embassy.
Best wishes

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