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gazimi • 27 February 2024

Dear all,

I want to study a technical faculty at university. I dont know how to start the process, who can help me, is there amy financial support so that I can continue my education?

Why I decided to study not to work? I have MBA recognized here come with 10 year professional experience in project support. I did B2 German language. I can not find a job with good renumeration and there are menial jobs that I dont like to do. Can anyone write to me how I can get enrollment in Bachlor in Data Science or any other.


Gh. Nabi

Answers (3)


Dear gazimi , thank you for contacting us with your question. The first step is to find a suitable school:
You can find more information about applying to university here:
You should always apply to more than one university. If you get more than one offer, you can decide which one is the best for you.
Secondly, with the exception of some international degree courses, C1 level German is a basic requirement for studying in Germany.
As a student, you can apply for a financial support Bafög:
Let me know if you have any further questions. Best, Barbara


Dear Barbara (Community Manager) , I collected some information and I learned that option you proposed will be difficult to achieve considering my circumstances. I give a little background for your information. Jobcenter does not support me to do C1. I am 35 years old. I am interested to learn a new profession closely related to my background for example "Wirtschaftinformatik". I visited a Jobmesse recently and I noticed that some companies offering dual stadiums and very good Ausbildungs. Will these company accept me with B2 certificate with recognized MBA? How I can secure a seat either in Ausbildung or dual studium? or Is there a solution so that I get a C1 Berichtigungschein from Jobcenter.

One my friends was rejected by Bafög because he already had Bachelor in Business Administration and he is not eligible to another Bachelor in Wirtschaftinformatik.


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