Seeking for work visa in Germany

S Lamba • 9 October 2022

Hi, my name is Sabera Lamba

I am an Indian. Currently, I am working as a customer service advisor in Pune, India for a UK based company. I have completed 9 months here.

I have done my masters in literature.

I would like to apply for a work seeking visa for Germany.

I am in dire need of good advise.

Please help me to get the work visa for Germany as soon as possible.




Work permit

Answers (1)


Hello S Lamba, one of the first steps for a job seeking visa is to make sure that you prove that you can live in Germany at your own expenses. The amount varies for each type of visa.
You will also have to make sure that your degree is recognized in Germany if you are applying for a job seeking visa. You can do this by contacting this center:
You also have to show that you know some German skills that are relevant for the job you are looking for.

For more information on the application process can be found here:

If you have further questions please let me know
Best of luck for your visa process


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