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Beta12856007 • 16 September 2023

Hello together in Germany team!

i am javid from Afghanistan. I have came to Germany 4 months agao and have claimed asylum here. I have depression and anxiety since 2019 and I’m still under treatment i have just to confirm that, would this (depression,anxiety) would help me through getting the nationality here and any facilities which i need according to my situation ?

and my second question is, i want to do Ausbildung here as now i have just got into the integration course so what should i do before emerging into Ausbildung?



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Hello Beta12856007, thank you for reaching out to us! You can receive further treatment with your depression and anxiety even if you are in the asylum procedure. There are specialized offers for refugees and asylum seekers. Such as the offer from “Zentrum Überleben”. You can give them a call-in order to arrange the next steps. You can find their contact information when you scroll down: https://www.ueberleben.org/en/home-en/
You can also receive help from Ipso Care, they offer online counseling. Here you can start the process: https://ipso-care.com/get-started.html
We also have general information about mental health and more resources for you here: https://handbookgermany.de/en/mental-health#faq_2752
Have you already had you BAMF interview? If not, I would recommend preparing for this interview. As this interview will determine the decision of the asylum procedure and your residence. This is the first important step, before you can receive German nationality, which can take a long time. It’s best to concentrate on the next steps.
There are many ways to prepare for the interview: such as reading the guidelines for the interview from Asyl.net, they are also available in other languages. https://www.asyl.net/fileadmin/user_upload/publikationen/infoblatt_anho…
As well as receiving what is called asylum procedure advice.
The BBZ in Berlin offers this, you can find their information here: https://www.bbzberlin.de/en/portfolio/verfahrensberatung/
Please let me know what city you are in; in that case I can search for an advice centre near you.
Finally, it’s great that you have started an integration course! Before starting an Ausbildung you should have good German skills, which you can acquire during your integration course. The requirements depend on where you want to do your Ausbildung but having an end of school certitifcate can be requested, this should be recognized in Germany. You can find more information on our Handbook Germany page. https://handbookgermany.de/en/vocational-training-dual#faq_993

I am happy to help if you have further questions.
Best wishes


Please note, I have also shortened your name. Please do not provide your full name or any other personal information on our public forum. We would like to protect the privacy of our community. Thank you for understanding.
Best wishes

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