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hajararfaoui97 • 14 May 2022


I am a Moroccan citizen and I was studying in Ukraine but I fleed to Germany on the 1st of March because of the war. Fortunuately, I have completed my Master degree in Computer Engineering before the war and I have all my university certificates with me. Now, I am living in Aachen and I have registred and done the thumbprints at Auländeramt of Aachen. In these two months, I got accepted in two paid internships and I received a work contract, however I couldn't change my status from an ukrainian refugee to a work residence permit applicant.
Do I have the right to change my status? Do you have any advice for me, please?

Thank you

Residence permit

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Hello hajararfaoui97, thank you for your question. Indeed, the situation for non-Ukrainian citizens that want to change from one residency to another is not always clear, even for the Ausländeramt.

If I understand correctly you have applied for temporary protection under §24 residency law at the Ausländeramt of Aachen and the office is currently checking if you can receive this protection. In the meantime, the Ausländeramt in Aachen should give you a so called “Fiktionsbescheinigung” (Free of charge) it is a temporary paper that acts as your residence permit until the Ausländeramt have decided on your case. On this paper (or an extra paper) it should also state that you are eligible to work or “Erwerbstätigkeitserlaubnis.”

If you have applied for asylum then unfortunately, it is more difficult to receive the right to work.

To answer your question if you can “change” to another residence permit that allows you to work. The guidelines are still not clear, there are some regulations that suggest that while the Ausländeramt is checking if you are eligible for the temporary protection you cannot change and receive a work permit. Once you are rejected from the temporary protection you can apply for the work permit. However, others suggest you should have the right to change if you fulfill all the requirements for another permit, again I would suggest contacting a counseling center in Aachen that can help you.
You are also allowed to stay in Germany without a visa until 31st of August 2022. You can see if you fulfill the requirements for a work permit – you find the requirements here:…
In Aachen there is a place that helps those that fled from the Ukraine and are struggling with their residency, please call or write an e-mail to make an appointment. They should be able to help you with changing your current status to a work permit or find other possible solutions.
Refugio e.V. - Café Zuflucht
Jülicher Straße 114a
52070 Aachen Tel.: 0241 511811

I hope that you can receive your work permit soon.
If you have any further questions or feedback, please share them here.
Best wishes


Hello hajararfaoui97 , were you able to contact the Cafe Zuflucht? I have done some more research and you can, without any problem, apply for the work residence permit. Please make sure you full-fill all the requirements an advice center can help you with this.
Best wishes


Yes, I have contacted them and they said the same as you ? I can apply to the work residence permit once I fulfill the requirements.


Hello Mrs. Yara
Now, I have the employment contract ready. Could you please tell me what are the other requirements documents and how to take an appointement from "Ausländeramt" ?


Hello hajararfaoui97, in general, you will need the following requirements for a Blue card, which is a residency for academics. However, check with your local migration advice center whether this residency is the best option for you at the moment, as there are many different types of residency permits, you can see an overview here:
I will provide you with contact information of migration advice centers at the end.

Documents that you generally need for a Blue card are:

- Proof of your university degree- you should make sure it is accepted in Germany. You can contact the IQ Network in under this phone number and e-mail for helping you recognize your degree:…
-a job offer or contract in your specific field (IT engineer) with a minimum annual gross salary of 56,800 € (as of 2021) in Germany. Please note: The minimum gross annual salary for scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, and IT specialists currently amounts to € 44,304. If this is your range of wages, you also need the approval of the Federal Employment Agency.
-Valid passport
- Biometric passport photos
- Here the Ausländeramt in Aachen has provided you with all the documents to fill out for a Blue Card (it is in German) If you would like I can translate the first page for you.…
- and of course, apply for an appointment at the Ausländeramt, for that I would advise to take someone with you. Often the experience at the Ausländeramt can be negative. I have heard that it is quite difficult to get an appointment. You should call or make an appointment via mail. Once you have an appointment, they will also tell you what documents to bring. Here you can find some contacts:…
You can of also just use the Fax and apply through this way- this is called “Formloser Antrag”. However, it is likely that it will take more time to process your application that way.

If you want to seek help with finding the right residency for you, filling out the form and finding someone that can come to the Ausländeramt with you, you can contact the following migration advice centers:
1) You can call Cafe Zuflucht everyday from 9-10 am and ask for an appointment:
2) Call or write an e-mail to get advice from Caritas, you can find the contacts here:…
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask
Best wishes

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