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Gizems • 15 March 2023


I have had a residence permit since April 2018 as a doctoral candidate in Munich. I got my doctoral degree in August 2022 and since this time,  I have had a residence permit for a job search as an alumnus of a German university. Meanwhile, I became a global Marie-Curie fellow which is the most prestigious grant for academics. The project must be carried out by Leiden University Netherlands and Stanford University in the US. I am trying to carry my project to a German university from the Netherlands, but the MSCA does not allow me. How can I keep my residence permit status (I will be granted with permanent residence permit after completing my fifth year on 10 May 2023) as a former doctoral candidate and lecturer at LMU Munich). Or can I carry my 5 years resident permit status to another EU country?

Can you please inform me about the possibilities?


Residence permit

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Hello Gizems, thank you for your question. Congratulations for becoming a Marie-Curie fellow! As a researcher you might also profit from easier requirements for the permanent residency. Under certain conditions researchers can obtain the residency after 4 years. Check the requirements and see if you are eligible:
Maybe applying for a EU permanent residency would be a way to be able to live in the Netherlands but also keep your residency. This residency allows one to travel and work in another EU country, while not loosing your right to travel and work in Germany. You can double check if you full fill the prerequisites for that residency here:
A good idea is also to seek advice from a professional migration counsellor. I am assuming you are in Munich, you can contact the AWO, for example, for further advice:…
Lastly, it might be worth asking your University in Munich about possibilities to keep your residency in Germany while working in the Netherlands. Maybe they have some useful information for you.
You can contact the student office for international students here:…

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
all the best for your move to the Netherlands and your fellowship.
Best wishes

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