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Ghawsullah • 24 June 2022

I am Nazari from afghanistan i need some information:

If a familly have been in germany for 12 years and their childrwn bornt and grow up in germany up to 10 or 11 years old after they leave germany for 8 years now can they get back to germany by their citizenship? Or they lost their german citizenship? If they lost what should be done to get back citizenship?

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Ghawsullah n


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Hello Nazari, thank you for your question. If that family has German citizenship (red passport) and are currently in Afghanistan. They should register here: They can help you further. If the passport has expired usually they have to go to a neighboring country such as Iran or Pakistan to renew their German passports, a requirement to renew your passport is that you have to have your old one with you. The fact that the children were automatically born in Germany does not give them citizenship. Here you can read more about the requirements are for your children to have German citizenship:

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