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irontimoor1 • 1 February 2023

Hello Dear Team of work2gether in Germany.

Thank you for making such good platform for everyone.

I just want to ask something, might be funny but I really want to know about it.

If someone buys a lottery ticket from money which receives from Jobcenter and wins the lottery? what happens? The lottery money goes to goverment because i bought the lottery ticket from their money or the winning money belong to me?


Please answer my question.
I will be thankful.




Answers (3)


Hello irontimoor1, if you win a large amount in the lottery you can keep the money. You will have to inform the JobCenter about your lottery win. They can then pause or reduce the payments that you have received from the job center for up to 6 months.

I hope this information was useful.
Best wishes

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