My brother is under the threat

Nika • 21 July 2022

Since I was working with the German organization, I came here under the S22 section due to political change in Afghanistan. I was living in a house where my brother is living. Unfortunately, I did not give his name on the list at the time of evacuation. He is under threat. could you please help me share any contact I should approach? I do not know how I can help him?
Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for taking admission then; I can not find any email from them.

I really appreciate any help you can provide. 


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Hi Nika unfortunately, the general rule is that you can only bring your immediate family with you. This means your spouse or underage children. This also applies for family reunification. More information on family reunification here: However, there are some exceptions for example if you can prove a case of hardship. However this is only given in rare cases.
I would recommend seeking out advice to see if there are any other possible solutions. What city are you living in? Then I can look for an advice center near you.
Best wishes


thank you so much for your nice reply, I am living in Rostock, Mecklenburg


Thank you so much for your comment, unfortunately, no one replied to my emails.
based on the new rule regarding Afghans who are in danger is there any way to help my family?

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