gazimi • 11 November 2022

I am German former local worker in Afghanistan. I came to Germany in March 2022. I have 3 year residence permit. We are receiving Arbeitslosgeld II (Herz 4) from jobcenter. Am I eligible to apply for for Kindergeld for my two sons?

There is also information about Kinderzuschlag on handbook Germany webpage. Can I apply for both?


Gh. Nabi

Child benefit

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Hello gazimi thank you for your question!
I am sure that there are many people with similar questions about “Kindergeld.” Since you are receiving “Arbeitslosengeld II”, also known as "Hartz 4", you can apply for “Kindergeld.” However, this money is offset against the money that you are receiving because the government sees it as an income.
Social associations have criticised this, yet unfortunately, it is still the case even with the new reform starting in 2023. You can learn more about the reforms in this video: (Correction, it is not certain if these reforms will come into effect)
You can read more in how to apply for “Kindergeld” here:

In general you cannot receive “Kinderzuschlag” when you are receiving "Hartz 4." However, if you can apply for so called “Bildungpaket” which will finance things like school trips for yours sons, after school activities, tutoring classes and more. More information on the “Bildungspaket” can be found on the link below, unfortunately it is in German.…
If you would like more information on the “Bildungspaket” please write down the city you are living in. I can search for a counseling center that can further help you with applying.
If you have any further questions I am happy to answer them

Best wishes

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