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Aqilshah_hamidi • 14 March 2023


I'm a journalist and currently living in Afghanistan. I heard the kabul luftbrucke will help vulnerable afghans to get into Germany and i filled the form and i have been waiting for so long and i did not received any response. 

Can any one tell me what should i do now 

Of course i would like to have an official lawyer to fight my case 


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Hi @aqilsha_hamidi
Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear that you have not received a reply.
If you have filled in the form for the new federal admission program, then this can likely take months or years. Unfortunately, the new federal admission program is not an emergency program but will likely be spread over months and years, it can therefore take a long time until people are able to come to Germany. Only a very small amount of people can benefit from this program (around 250 people and their families per month)
As of now, no one has come to Germany through this program. Kabul Luftbrücke also has no influence of who can be admitted, they can only forward the cases. The final decision lies with the federal German government.
You can find more information here: https://www.kabulluftbruecke.de/en/admission-program/
Currently Kabul Luftbrücke has no access to the admission program and cannot allow people to register: https://register.kabulluftbruecke.de/
Reporters without Borders has also closed their application link: https://faq.rsf-assistance.org/afg
Please regularly check their websites for updates.
If you have filled in another form with Kabul Luftbrücke, I can unfortunately, not tell you when you will receive a reply.
I can forward you a list of lawyers that you can contact and see if you are able to receive further help. This list is of the Legal Advisors Conference of the United Nations, in cooperation with the charities and the High Commissioner for Refugees.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best wishes


Thank you Yara.
I really appreciate your cooperation. As I'm really scared of living in Afghanistan due to my job and activities the German government new admission was one and only wish to live a safe life but unfortunately the kabul luftbrucke link in not available right now.
I registered myself a long time ago and they send me an email saying i have to fill that form again which i just saw and i tried to fill the form but the link was closed saying kabul luftbrucke has no access . I am really confused and disappointed at the same time.
Please help me get into Germany i couldn't find any way to contact you here but i would like to leave my WhatsApp number so we can work on it of you will. Thanks again


Hello Aqilshah_hamidi, Unfortunately, we cannot help you get into Germany we can only provide you with the information we have. We also do not allow the posting of private numbers in the Forum, since the forum is public and we want to safeguard the privacy of the forum members, therefore we also do not communicate via WhatsApp.
I can only imagine how stressful the situation is. But I also do not have any other information at the moment. The only thing I can suggest is to try to see if you can come to Germany through the immigration procedure.
You can find more information about the different visas and application procedure here: https://handbookgermany.de/en/immigration
I wish I could give you more positive news. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the German government has left many Afghans alone without a clear procedure and left them in danger.
Best wishes

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