Journalist at risk in Afghanistan

anita-haidari • 16 March 2024

Hello ma’am 


I received an email twice and one in WhatsApp asking for my mother’s e-mail. I couldn’t reply but yesterday they called and asked me to reply the email. Would you please advise is that the start of the case or have chances for rejection?


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Also, can I kindly ask you to change your username. I noticed it seems like a full name. We do not allow full names to be displayed in the public forum. This is to protect the privacy of people in the forum. Thank you for understanding.
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Yara _Community Manager Okay, thank you. However, I'm unclear as to whether or not the case is acceptable because I received the email twice in a month because I didn't reply, and they phoned me to do so.


Hello anita-haidari, in case you have given them the additional information that the admission program asked for, they are likely checking this. In general it is a good sign that they are contacting you often. A final admission should be directly communicated though.
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