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gazimi • 3 September 2022

Greetings to all,

Despite this is not a question but I am posting here for platform members and moderators if they can help. 

German government does not have a good integration plan for immigrants. It does not make sense that bring immigrants and put them in Heim, where apparently not fit for habitat, shared toilets and ONE room for 4 or 5 people. Standard space for living in Germany is 44sqm for one individual. Why a family of four persons can not rent an apartment of 2 rooms in German market? Where is law? UNHCR? 

Immigrants experience cultural shock, depression, anxiety, language where they are moved to. They need psychosocial counseling to ease their depression. On other hand they face discrimination and racism in government agencies because they can not speak German. 

Those evacuated and/or migrated to Germany does not mean were dying of hunger. Most of them had all life facilities only their life were in danger. For some cultures it is difficult to live in shared spaces. I think, the government should pay special attention to support immigrants psychosocially and there should be frequent orientations and work with them to so that they can properly be integrated into society? Only integration course does not suffice. 


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Greetings gazimi, thank you for sharing your experiences. I am sure many other refugees feel the same.
I completely share your views on the Germany system of immigration, there are many hurdles’ refugees and newcomers face. Especially, the situations in the refugee camps are often difficult as you explained. Unfortunately, there is not one solution to this problem, and we can try to support each other as much as possible and make the voices heard to the politicians. Because of the issues, that you mentioned, we created this platform. So people can connect and receive answers. If you want to connect with other refugees here is a self organized blog:
If you are in Berlin, then you can complain about the situation in your camp here:
Or just write me which refugee camp you’re in and I can research a similar project.
The issue with housing is huge and many do not find adequate affordable housing in Germany, especially in cities. Furthermore, if you need psychosocial support, I can refer you, if you wish.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or feedback.


Hello gazimi, how are you? Were you able to receive some support from the counseling centers that I sent you? I am always happy to help if you have further questions.
Best wishes


Yara _Community Manager Thank you very much for information. Now, I have a WBS from Haan Wohnungsamt but unfortunately still I could not find an apartment for my family. Is there a special organization which really helps Ortskrafte. as I already contacted the one you provided. Honestly, my family became pyscho since we moved to Germany because we were not expecting to live in such shared spaces. We had better life in Afghanistan than in Germany and here no one is helping the Ortskrafte. We did not come here illegally, and they evacuated us here. How a family of four persons can live in one room. This one room is schlafzimmer, wohnzimmer, arbeitzimmer, flur and all. I cannot fucus to study and more importantly my mother is sick. Please if there is any other agency who can really help.


Hello gazimi, that is good news that you finally received a WBS. Yes, even with WBS it can take quite a while to find housing. I am sorry that the organizations were not able to help you.

I know of an organization that is named "Partnerschaftsnetzwerk Ortskräfte Afghanistan". They have regional groups where they try and help Afghan local staff. You can find the e-mail on their homepage (located at the top). Here is their website: and also their Facebook:
Please let me know if you were able to contact them. Many organizations are also quite overwhelmed and might not answer immediately.
Handbook Germany also provides some useful information, regarding the flat search:

I hope that you can find housing for you and your family soon.

Best wishes

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