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Saad • 29 February 2024


I have a question about my situation. I have been here in Germany for over 8 years now and am studying bachelor's in  engineering here. Due to health reasons, I was not able to complete my studies and failed a very easy course right towards the end when I had only 3 more courses left and now I get a job offer for 43,000 per year. So I wanted to know if I could have my visa converted from a student visa to a work visa?


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Hello Saad , thank you for your question. Generally, from 1 March you can change your student visa to a work visa if your job is not considered "temporary employment" (volunteer or au pair). But I am not sure what type of work visa you want to change your student visa to. Do you have any other qualifications (apprenticeship or other completed studies) or work experience? If not, you cannot apply for a skilled worker visa:
It seems the only option is to stay for training: I look forward to your reply. Best Barbara


Hello Barbara! Thank you for your kind response. So, I have completed CIE "A" Levels which is equal to the 13th year of education. After that I came to Germany to pursue bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and in 2019 I experienced a traumatic event that impacted my mental and overall health severely and so I failed to complete mechanical engineering after securing 90 credit points. I switched to Business Engineering program while trying to get treatment for the trauma and since handling life had gotten so challenging with my health condition here all alone, I crumbled again and failed the degree again (Although I didn't technically write the exam for all it's 3 attempts) after securing 142 credit points which includes all the major courses being passed and I was only left with 3 more courses. I have also done various internships regarding my field and also worked as a working student in my area of study. Hence, I'd like you to please guide me into what steps should I take in order to move ahead here in Germany. I really want to make my life here as this is the only place I'm used to of living since over 8 years now.

Kind regards.

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