Illegal Refugees from Ukraine

Princegreat • 21 June 2022

Hello, there are many illegal refugees that lost their documents before they moved to Germany, they can't register for article 24, they can't get benefits. They are being forced to apply for Asylum, and some don't want, What is the way out for these set of people? do you know NGOs that can offer financial support to these refugees?

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Thank you for your questions Princegreat!
Those that were recognized refugees in the Ukraine have a right to receive the temporary protection according to §24. Yet, many face the issue, as you mentioned, that they lost their papers. However, if they can show to the immigration services any proof such as e-mail, photos of the documents and/or bring witnesses to show, to the immigration services, that they have received protection from the Ukraine. Then they should receive the temporary protection (§24). They can also go to a local migration advice center in Berlin to receive help in getting the §24.
In the case of a refugee that were in the Ukraine illegally or without papers it is a slightly different situation. These people are often in very precarious situations. There are several local advice centers in Berlin, that help especially those without papers. You will need to make an appointment before.
You can also go to a counseling center in Berlin such as the KuB and receive specialized counseling, to see if there are any other options beside going through the restricting asylum procedure. As well as this church- it focuses more on receiving asylum through the church.…
There are also free medical services for those without papers or insurance can receive help here:… and more information on our info page:…
I have not yet found a place that supports this group financially but I will do some more research and get back to you.
I really hope that they will receive the support they need.

Best wishes


Please which NGOs give financial support to refugees?


Hi Princegreat, currently I am still looking for these NGO's usually the money comes through state offices. However, in the meantime you can make an appointment at the advice center KuB. Although they cannot give you financial support they might have a solution for your current situation. Have you contacted them already?
I will keep you posed as soon as I find out something.

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