I want to work and living in Germany.

tamimharis • 23 May 2023

Dear Sir/Madame!

I hope you are fine and doing well.

My name is Tamim and i am from Afghanistan, I graduated from economics in Afghanistan and i have worked more thane 5 years as a Social worker mentor at European Union Juvenile Justice, Support Afghan women and children in conflict with the law, reintegration, rehabilitation and diversion funded by European Union (EU) project, Case management officer at UNICEF SS- Providing child protection package of services to boys, girls and family members affected by the attacked-on Sayed-Al-Shuhada School at Kabul province protect, Child protection case worker AHF-CP-OCHA- Protective rese for displaced and UAS children in Afghanistan and Social worker at AHF-CP protect.

So i want to work at social worker, case worker and community worker in Germany who want to help me for this??

And also i am a women's rights, child rights, human rights and i was provided of workshops about the women's rights, children rights and human rights for Afghan police, Afghan community, Afghan womens, Afghan girls, Afghan students, in Afghanistan.​​ 

so please someone answer my question i am withing for you.

Best regards 



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Dear tamimharis
Thank you for reaching out to us.
Do I understand correctly, that you are already in Germany, has a work permit an now looking for a job?
May I ask if you are holding another degree than the one in economics? Please note, in Germany the position as a social worker is regulated, which means that you will need an acknowledgment process of your degree, in case you have a degree in that field. You can find more information about the acknowledgment process on our website.
You can look for jobs on different websites. Best is to use the search mask to find professions in your field:
Employment Agency
There are also websites, especially for refugees:
Some social network platform also provide job postings: Xing or Linkedin
Additionally, please find some useful tips for job applications on our website: https://handbookgermany.de/en/jobsearch-and-application
In case I miss it and you are still abroad, please find some current information about Afghanistan on our website. We are posting updates as soon as we receive them.
Please let me know if you have further questions.
Wish you all the best and good luck!


Thank you very much, but now i am living in Afghanistan, can i apply for a job in Germany?
I have experiences more than 4 years at social worker, Case worker and Child protection.


Hello tamimharis you can also apply for jobs abroad. Sometimes it is easier to apply for a visa with a job offer. Please find some more information about skilled worker.
Additionally, it is advantageous if you have a degree, which is acknowledged, in your preferred field of work. In your case it should be in social work or similar. In case your degree isn't mentioned on the database "Anabin", you will always have the possibility to start the acknowledgement process, as I mentioned above. This increases your chances for a job offer and also the application for the visa is easier.
You can go through the job postings websites, I posted you and look for jobs, you would prefer to work in. On our website you can find more information about jobsearch and application processes.
Please let me know if you have further questions.

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