I recieved confirmation email from German secretariat based in Islamabad. What to do next?

Sumaia123 • 22 April 2024

Hello dear, 

I received an email from a German secretariate based in Islamabad, Pakistan on April 15 which informed me that my family (husband and 2 kids) and I had been selected for admission to Germany under the federal admission program for Afghanistan. They also sent me my file number at BAMF. So we've got a couple of questions (concerns) to which we're expecting your response:

1: In the email, they provided me with some additional emails and said that I should prepare travel documents (Passports and Pakistani visas) and contact those emails for a visit to Islamabad, however, they didn't specify the timeline and how long they could exactly wait for us to prepare those travel documents because I and my kids have applied for passports but our turn has not arrived yet given the hectic processes and pressure of thousands of applications on passport offices across Afghanistan in these days and getting passports for ordinary Afghans might take a litle longer - It might take couple of months to get both the passports and Pakistani visas. So, is this going to affect our application back in Islamabad? Is this delay going to cause us problems? Are we going to be in trouble? How long they can waith for us? Altough I might add that we are trying day and night to get them as soon as possible.

2: What about cost and ecpenses of the travel to Islamabad and accomodation there? are we going to be helped with the expenses or not? Because we really need help.

3: In the email, a pdf file by the name of (Notice of Admission) was also sent. What this file is for? What is the purpose of it? If it is to be filled, how and when to fill it?

I know my questions are longer but I hope we get response for them because we have got no one other than the Handbook to help us in this crucial moment. 

Thank you,

Sumaia Watanwal,

Residence permit

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Hello Sumaia123, thank you for reaching out to us. We are unfortunately not part of the admission program. So, I will do some more research and get back to you as soon as possible.
Best wishes


Hello Sumaia123, I am sorry for the delayed response. I hope you are doing well.

Regarding your 1st question:  There should be no problem that you are still waiting for the passport. This just means that the process will take a bit longer. There is no deadline.

Regarding your 2nd question, they will cover the costs for you and your family to stay in a geusthouse. Unfortunately, any costs regarding visas will not be covered.

Regarding your 3rd question. Unfortunately, I do not know how this document looks like. But please keep it safe as this seems to be the document of the approval of admission.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate  to contact us. Were you able to get to Pakistan?

Wishing you all the best for your journey to Germany.



Thank you so much for your response, Mam, it means a lot to us.

There is one more concern that I have to put to your attention that I don’t know how to react to:

The concern is the misspelling of my ‘first name’ on my high school certificate. Meaning, before my high school graduation in 2012, the school management had asked the students to bring the administration of the school our name/father's name/and date of birth in written form on a piece of paper in Dari or Pasho language only for the Certificate purpose. After our handing over the filled paper to the school administration, the administration by itself would translate the Dari or Pasho into English, and there, unfortunately, they had misspelled it by writing ‘Samia’ which is not right, the real spelling is “Sumaia” and my all-other documents: passports, contracts, Marriage Certificate … also contain “Sumaia” which is the right spelling. Only my school certificate in the English side of it contains this problem. Unfortunately, you might also be aware of the situation in Afghanistan, for the Afghan women, the Ministry of Education has stopped all departments responsible for solving this problem. They do not even consider answering our question if they see that the problem is related to a woman’s problem.

Now, would this pose a threat to my case in Islamabad? If it does, how am I going to solve it given the problems Afghan women face in government departments?


Hi Sumaia123, thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, this is not so easy to answer. But if in all other documents the name is spelled correctly this should not be a problem. Maybe you can leave this as a note when you hand in the document and explain that as you did here that the name was spelled incorrectly.

Best wishes



Yara _Community Manager Thank you Mam, you have been very nice and helpful to us. One last question, and I promise it's going to be the last one.

We have been hearing about some incidences happening in Germany where some Afghans have been arrested for some crimes including in 2 cases in which Afghans had killed and injured a Policeman and some other civilians, and now we are reading some other reports in papers that the German government has decided to deport Afghans who are believed to be a potential threat for the society. So now, are these unfortunate incidents going to impact our case? If, suppose, the German government decides to terminate this resettlement program, those selectees, like myself who have already been selected and invited to Islamabad, are also going to be affected and their case be terminated or no, they are going to be safe? Can you please briefly explain and assure us that we or our in general case is not going to be in trouble? Because we've waited so long dear Mam and we can't afford hearing a bad news of this magnitude.

Thank you

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