I need information

Bayani • 16 September 2023

Dear Sir/Madam 

I hope this massage finds you well !

At 14/09/2023 I receive email from noreply@haagermany.help they need some more documents I send my all documents I want to know what’s the next step of this Program 

I hope you reply me as soon as possible 


Answers (2)


Dear Bayani. Thank you for coming to our platform. Firstly, can I kindly ask you to change your username, I noticed you are using a full name. We want to protect the privacy of our users and do not allow full names to be displayed in the forum. Thank you for understanding.
We have received many similar questions. You can check out this thread for answers and exchange with others who are also waiting for the next steps. https://together-in-germany.de/en/thread/how-know-email-address-fake-or…
The next steps would be that they check your documents. This can take a very long time. So far no one has yet arrived in Germany with this program. They will also not contact you if your application is rejected. You will only be notified if your application is approved.

Please let me know if you need further information.
Best wishes


Thanks a lot yara almunaizel if I need information I will contact you

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