I am a mechanical engineer looking for a job

Mohamed Amir Dkhili • 29 February 2024
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I am a mechanical engineer who graduated from Tunisia, I came here for an internship for 3 months, I finished it and I extended my visa and currently, I am looking for a job.
My questions are : 

-I applied a lot of job applications but always a negative answers, I started to wonder why, so maybe I need some advice.
-For now, I don't have work permission, and consequently staying here in Germany it's like a challenge for me to survive, so I want to know if there is any solution that I don't know.
-Also, I want to know if can I find work even not in my field, to survive and have more time to learn the language, after that maybe one year I can look again for a job in my field.
-What about the language courses? is there any recommendation, I started to learn by myself at home but the process is very slow.

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Dear Mohamed Amir Dkhili , congratulations on completing your internship. We have put together all the information about finding a job in Germany here: https://handbookgermany.de/en/jobsearch-and-application#faq_108
Here are some tips on how to apply: https://handbookgermany.de/en/jobsearch-and-application#faq_109
Do you have a student visa or a visa for job seekers?
You can learn German online: https://handbookgermany.de/en/learning-german#faq_907
or in so-called Sprachkaffe: https://handbookgermany.de/en/learning-german#faq_905 I am waiting for your answer. Best Barbara

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