How to work in Germany as an Indian

S Lamba • 11 September 2022


I have done my Masters in English literature from Pune university, India.

Currently, I am working as an advisor in a UK based company for customer queries(utilities)

I wanted guidance as to how can I work in Germany.


Thanks and regards,

Sabera Lamba 

Work permit

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Hello S Lamba,

how you can work in Germany depends on many things, first it depends on your current residency status. For example, EU citizens you can work here without needing a permit. Other country nationals usually need a permit to work in Germany.
There are multiple visas for employment in Germany. One of them is the job seeking visa, where you can come to Germany to find a job withing 6 months. More information here:
You can see an overview of the types of visas here:

It is a good idea to check if your degree from Pune University is recognized in Germany. Here you can contact this center to help you:

If you would like more information on the job market and the application process in Germany please let me know.
Best of luck for the job search
Yara Almuaizel

S Lamba

Hello Yara,
To work in Germany, I need 5 years of experience which I don’t have.
I have 1 year of experience.
I am working as a customer service advisor for a UK based company in India.
I would like to try to come as a student to do masters.
I have already done masters in India in English literature.
But I want to explore more. So I believe as a student, I will be able to come there and learn and explore new things and then work too. Could you please guide.


Hello S Lamba,
You do not need 5 years of experience, that is not requirement for a visa.
The requirements depend on white type of visa you would like.
You can see an overview of visas and their requirements on our website:

If you want to come as a student the general requirement are:
1) Proof of admission from a German university or college (certificate of enrollment) OR a university entrance qualification if you only want to apply for a visa as a university applicant. A university entrance qualification is a school-leaving certificate with which you can study at a university in your home country
2) Proof showing your livelihood is secure- you can prove it, e.g., by depositing funds into a blocked account. There must be at least 10,332 € per year in the blocked account. If you do not have enough money yourself, a third person can make a so-called declaration of commitment” for you.
3) Health insurance coverage
4) Proof of your German language skills unless your language skills have already been checked by the university or preparatory college. In principle, you need at least B2.
5) You will also need all the documents for a National Visa.

You can find all this information and more here:

If you need additional information, please let me know.
Best wishes

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