German Citizenship

BVP • 10 July 2024

Dear Community,

Would like to apply for the German Citizenship in Berlin. Can you advice if it's any online application portal? Is there any online system to take or to schedule for the naturalization test?




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Dear BVP, thank you for posting your question on our platform.

I am sure many other community members have the same question regarding the naturalization test or "Einbürgerungstest".

I have heard that the best way to do the test is, if they have open spots, to go there in advance, maybe even 1,5hours to make sure that you will get a spot. There is currently a high demand and it could take some time until you receive the opportunity to take a test.

You can check this website and click "Termine für Einbürgerungstest" to see if there are any free slots:…

I hope you can do the test as soon as possible. Please let us know if this has worked out, so other community members, with the same questions can profit from your experience.

Best wishes

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