Free online webinar "My way to a good job in Germany: Cooperation with the Employment Centre" from BEMA, 11.07.2024, 16 o'clock


Dear friends,


BEMA, the Berlin Advisory Centre for Migration and Good Job, invites Ukrainians to a free webinar on the topic:

"My way to a good job in Germany: Cooperation with the Employment Centre".


For whom: For people who receive assistance from the JobCenter and who plan their employment in Germany.


We will discuss the following issues:

-What are good working conditions in Germany now, and where can I find support, if I have problems?

-What does good and stable communication with the JobCenter look like?

-How can JobCenter help me with finding a job?

-How can I communicate with my JobCenter quickly and efficiently using digital technologyies?


Where: On "Zoom". There will be no recording of the webinar.

When: 11.07.2024, 16 o'clock

Language of the webinar: Ukrainian



Labour law consultant - Anastasiia Maksymova

SGB II social law expert - Katharina Sipple


To receive the link, please register at HIDNAPRATSYA@BERLIN.ARBEITUNDLEBEN.DE.


We look forward to meeting you. You will also be able to ask your questions in the chat.


If you have any questions, please contact our networking partner Anastasia Maksimova.



"Handbook Germany: Together"


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