First Anmeldung - how to pay foreigner?

Sasha • 14 March 2023

Hi guys, as a Ukrainian trying to rent a flat for my first Anmeldung. Faced an issue - almost everywhere you have to pay to an IBAN german account. I have enough cash to make a payment. But in the bank, I was told that I need a bank account. And in order to have a bank account you need Anmeldung. So closed circle with no way in here.

Please advise, how to rent a first flat? Is there a terminal that allows paying in cash to IBAN? How do other people not from the EU do it? Thank you!


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Hello Sasha, thank you for your question. Indeed opening a Bank Account can sometimes be challenging, and it is vital for your life in Germany.
You can open a so called “Basiskonto” without having “Anmeldung”, however, you will need to provide the Bank with an address so you can receive letters from the Bank. This address could be a friend’s house for example. We also have a thread on how to receive letters if you are not registered yet. This is also important for other important letters. You can read more to ensure that you receive the letters even though you do not have an "Anmeldung" yet, here:…

You can open this account at any Bank just ask them to open a so called Basiskonto. You will have to show a valid Ukrainian passport. We also have more information on the how to open a Bank account here: and here:
The consumer counseling center “Verbraucherzentrale” also provides a checklist for all the documents you will need. As well as important information before opening and after opening an account:…

I hope this information was useful. If you need further information or have another question I am happy to help.
Best wishes


Hi Sasha, no problem. No need to investigate too much :) I think it's good to have a Basic Account or Basis Account and then you will receive an IBAN with that Account. That way it will be much easier to find a flat.

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