Federal Admission Program

AriaFar • 31 March 2024

I received two emails from Sekratariat01BAP, please someone tell me how much has my case progressed and what does it mean? Does it mean admission for relocation? if not, how long this stage will be enduring to receive a grant from the Federal Admission Program?



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Hello AriaFar, thank you for contacting us.
Yes, receiving this e-mail means that your application has progressed to the next stage. I cannot tell you if you have already received approval of admission as this should be stated in the mail. Usually this mail will ask you for your documents. Please send them as soon as you can.
I cannot tell you how long this process will take unfortunately.
Best wishes


In their last email they said this:
thank you for sending the additional documents and information, they were well received.

Best wishes,

Does this one mean a granting of an approval at the next stage?

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