Family reunion

noman.mukhtar1000 • 9 July 2024

I m 29 living in Afghanistan my whole family lives in Germany and they are German citizens. 
i want to move to Germany how can I get to Germany 

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Hello noman.mukhtar1000, thank you for reaching out to us. Since you are over 18, unfortunately, family reunification to a German citizen is not an option through which you can come to Germany. More information on family reunification can be found here:
In order to come to Germany you would have to apply for a visa through the website of the German embassy in Kabul, the appointment will then be in Islamabad or Tehran. You will first have to check if you full fill the requirements for the visa. Each visa is tied to a specific purpose. For example the skilled workers visa:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Best wishes.

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