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omida24ahmadi • 7 April 2023


my name is omid i live in düsseldorf and my residency category is (subsidiarschutz) i got married two year ago and i want to bring my wife in germany she's is in iran she has a tourist visa and we got every document

what should i do 

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Hello omida24ahmadi
with a subsidiary protection status, an application for family reunification is possible under certain circumstances. First of all, there must be humanitarian reasons, such as the duration of your time apart, small children or sick persons.
Although no proof of apartment size or sufficient income is required, but it would support your case and helps for a positive decision.
It is important that the marriage existed before you left the country. Please keep in mind that the application process can take a very long time, as currently 1000 people are granted entry each month.
On the website familienlebenfüralle, you can find detailed information about the procedure for people with subsidiary protection for their family members. Additionally, you can ask your local foreigners department or a local migration councelling. Your family could get local support from IOM.
Please let me know if you have further questions.

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