Rabbani • 8 April 2023

I have worked with the project PATRIP Foundation (German INGO) funded it.

all the Documents as well as photos from the project flow are available to me

Meanwhile, Am I qualified to evacuation from Afghanistan?

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Hello Dear Ma'am. hope you have best possible health.
Very much appreciated for your response, I absolutely reviewed the website (Handbook Germany) unfortunately didn't find anything regarding my issue.
so you are kindly requested to share information in terms of evacuation, if available
your information and kind advice is highly appreciated


Dear Rabbani
if you have worked directly for a German authority or the German military after 2013, you are considered a local employee and are eligible for the program. Generally, this applies to employees of the GIZ, KfW, PCP, but also to employees of German political foundations and German development aid organizations. So, if you are qualified for the program and you can apply through your employer with a threat note. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to apply by yourself, only through your old employer.
Please find more information in the section "I am a former local employee, but have not yet been accepted"
If you need more help, you can have a look at the website from Beporsed or UNHCR.
Please let me know if this helped and in case you need more information.

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