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svesal • 31 March 2024

Hi yara _community manager

I hope you are doing well.

I have an active case for my sister through Germany Federal Admission program for Afghans, and I received a follow up email last week for uploading further documentation from: NOREPLY@HAAGERMANY.HELP.

I did so. However, the email that I use for communication and registration is my university id, which is going to be closed by end of April. I really need to change my email id to receive the future emails from NOREPLY@HAAGERMANY.HELP.

Do you know anyway to that I can update my email address? I really appreciate your help.



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Yara _Community Manager Do you have any update on this? I really appreciate. My account is going to be disabled in two weeks. I am afraid I might miss the future communication with HAAGERMANY. Thank you.


Hello svesal, normally you should be able to edit the text field where you have given your e-mail. Then you can type in your new e-mail address. Please let me know if this is not possible.
Best wishes


Hi Yara _Community Manager can you share the link for that? to my knowledge we just received a registration link from HAAGERMANY and used my email to submit our application.


Hi svesal, we received the information that you should be able to edit the e-mail in the registration link. If this is not possible please get back to me. I will then send you a private message.
Best wishes


Do you have an email from Hagger Germany so I can reach out to them?

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