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Yara Almunaizel (Moderator) • 13 May 2022

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Good morning  I am Morial and I fleed from Ukraine with my family recently and have been living  here in Germany for about 9 weeks now. The problem is that my wife and I would like to learn the language more but our courses seem not to be enough. Could you insert us in any free online courses available. It goes without saying that our integration process isn't fast enough. Thanks for your attention towards people like us. 

Learn German

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Thank you for your question, I am sure others are also in the same position and have a desire to learn German as quickly as possible.

There are various free or very low cost courses. I will share some examples with you here.
You can register online at the adult education center (Volkshochschule/VHS)…

You can also choose a private tutor that can help you and your wife learn German faster, there are many volunteers that are willing to teach German for free. Please have a look at this website for more information:…

We have created a list of possible ways to learn German on our Ukraine info page, take a look:

Wishing you all the best and success in learning German. We would love to hear your feedback if you have tried out any of the courses or if anyone else knows any free courses we have not listed yet.

Best wishes

PS: This question was first posted in the French forum and then moved to the English site.

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