Bank account without Anmeldung?

Diana Soto • 14 January 2022

Good morning. A query.. Do you you know some bank to open an account that does not ask for Anmeldung? It could be an online bank, except for n26 that has rejected me because they said that my passport is special because it lasts just 1 year and they need a document that is valid for at least 4 years. I am processing a new passport but it will take a little while. And I need to pay the bills already. Thanks for your help


Answers (1)


Good evening Diana Soto, indeed opening a bank account is a hurdle for many new comers. However, there are certain banks where an "Anmeldung" or registration is not necessary and your passport should also be accepted. You can try the DKB or Deutsche Bank. Please see this list for recommendations:
Please check with the bank beforehand to avoid disappointment.
and feel free to let the community know which bank worked best for you!
Best wishes

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