Akramakrami@ • 28 February 2024

Hello Dear Sir/Madam

I am an afghan citizen. I gratuated from school in afghanistan in 2018. I studied german languages up to A2 level and its currently continue. my question is, can i do ausbildung?  or vocational training ? 

I thinks ausbildung is for whom that finished university and have work experience,  and i don´t . whats the best section for me , please kindly help me . 


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Hey Akramakrami@ thank you for your question. To participate in vocational training, you must have completed basic compulsory education (nine years in Germany). If you have obtained your school-leaving certificate from your home country, you should have it recognised in Germany. Proof of work experience is not required for all professions.
However, you must have a residence permit for the purpose of vocational training to join a training programme in Germany.
You could come to Germany seeking an vocational training. You will need a B1 certificate in German and enough money to cover your living costs:
BUT If you have fled to Germany, you can start school-based vocational training ('Schulische Ausbildung') at any time without needing a work permit. As an asylum seeker or holder of a 'Duldung', you do not require permission from the Immigration Office or Employment Agency to start school-based vocational training.
For detailed information, please visit:
If you have any further questions after reading the link, please let me know. Best Barbara


Dear Barbara
Thank you very much for your response. If I have any question I will let you know.


Hello Dear Barbara,
I hope you are doing well. I have just a few question about our last discussion. you said proof of works in some professions is not important, i search alot but i dont find those professions. can you please tell me about those professions. Because I have 12th grade high school diploma and I wanna get B1 german language from Goethe institute. with two these document its possible to apply?

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