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ayset • 13 July 2022

My residence permit is ending on Jan 11. For when do I have to request an appointment? There is no online places for the next year, so ;I will request one via e-mail. Thank you!

Residence permit

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Hello ayset, thank you for your message. The appointment booking procedure is always slightly different depending on where you live. Therefore, I can only give you general information. Usually appointment slots are only open for the next three months. Therefore, you cannot book any appointment for next year, yet. It is important to make an appointment before you're residence permit finishes.
Sending an e-mail is a good idea and can work. If you are in Berlin here is also useful information in how to receive an appointment at the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde)…
If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask us here.
Best wishes


Thank you for your answer, somewhere i remember reading that it should be 6-8 before the residence permit ends in Berlin. But the appointment day can also be one week before it ends?


Hi ayset, yes it is advised to book the appointment 4-8 weeks before your residence permits expires. According to the official website of the immigration office in Berlin. Yes, the appointment day can also be one week before your residency ends, as appointments at the immigration office are hard to get. It is important that you make an appointment before your residence permit ends.
You can read more on the official website of the immigration office, the FAQ's are quite useful.
Best wishes

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