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Najla2023 • 9 March 2023
my family attend their interview 5 months ago at the German Embassy in for the (Other family reunification) section,
and they are currently waiting for the result of their application.
We contacted the embassy to ask about the visa application status, they say that your documents are under review at the Ausländerbehörde 
and we are waiting for the statement of this office to make a decision.
My question is, do you have information about how long it takes for the documents to be checked at the ausländerbehörde,
and what is your opinion about the possibility of approval?
Moreover, what is your suggestion to us to expedite the process of application in order to get the decision from the related office soon?

Thanks, looking forward to hear from you! 

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Hi Najla2023, thank you for your question! Indeed, the waiting time for family reunification for Afghan nationals often take quite a while. We usually say it takes a minimum of 12 months. But it is impossible to say exactly how long, and it is different for every embassy (Tehran, Islamabad and New Dehli). The process at the Ausländerbehörde unfortunately takes many months. The time also varies from Ausländerbehörde to Ausländerbehörde but they usually are understaffed and have a lot of applications that is why it takes so long. Unfortunately, only in extreme hardship situations and very rarely can you speed up the process of the visa procedure, this would likely include involving a lawyer.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you whether the application for family reunion will be accepted or not. However, if the applications get rejected the foreign relations office is obliged to send you a letter and justify their decision. Then, you will have two options:
Your family members can object to this decision in writing within one month. The complaint must be submitted to the relevant German Embassy. In the complaint letter, they should explain why the rejection is not justified. Upon receipt of this letter, your relative's application will be re-examined. Either they will then receive a visa, or the complaint will also be rejected. Then your family members will receive a so-called "Remonstration Notice" (“Remonstrationsbescheid”), where the reasons for rejection are explained in detail. Your family members can appeal against this decision to the Administrative Court at your place of residence within four weeks. To do this, they would need a lawyer who can represent them.
Or you can file a complaint directly at the Administrative Court at your place of residence within four weeks. To learn more, seek advice from a lawyer.

We also have more information on family reunification for immigrants here:
You can also receive help and information from IOM, you can find their contact information in our family reunion chapter on our Afghanistan page.

I hope this information was useful. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
I hope your family can soon reunite with you
Best wishes


sorry for asking lots of question i hope you do not mind, i have a quick question, i am living in the usa will my financial co-support letter will be considered effective together with my german family resident supporting documents to overcome the auslanderbeharde requirements ? or any other alien organization donor official support letter ?


Hello Najla2023 , please do not apologies for asking. I am very happy to see your questions on our platform.
They can also help others who might have similar questions.
Unfortunately, it is not easy to overcome the requirements from the Ausländerbehörde. The requirements for immigrants are quite high. Enough income and living space have to be provided.
You can read more about the process of family reunification here:
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Best wishes


Hi Yara, hope you are doing well, i just want to give you and update regarding our case as well i have a quick question. after consulate interview our family wait up to 6 months for the 2nd update on the application which is auslanderbeharde interview and recently our relative attend the interview, now do you have any idea how long it may take for a decision by auslanderbeharde after this interview?


Hi Najla2023, thank you I am doing well. Hope you are doing good too!
Thank you for the update. Unfortunately, I can not tell you how long the decision will take. It depends on various things. For example, on what type of residency status the family member in Germany has. I wish I could give you a more concrete answer. If you let me know where in Germany the family member is, I can look up an advice center that specializes in questions on family reunification, where they can go and receive support.
Best wishes

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