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JS • 28 June 2022

Hi, This is Javedullah. I have worked with a German NGO (Welthungerhilfe - WHH) in Afghanistan ?? from Nov 1, 2015 - March 6, 2017.
After the collapse of Afghan government, likewise others I also sent my documents and requested WHH for evacuation.
I waited for many months, but my turn didn’t come. They said that they have sent my documents to BMZ for review and it’s under review with them. They further added that they are evacuating the current staff first and that the former staff has to wait for approval from the ministry.
I couldn’t wait for my turn to come due to high persecution to my life. I came to Germany alone (without my family) using my own resources.
I sought asylum soon after I arrived to Germany ??.
I was sent to Megdeburg, from there to Halberstadt and finally landed in Merseburg.
I was expecting a different treatment compare to other asylum seekers as I had been their local staff in Afghanistan ??. And the German Government  too have announced a resettlement program for its local staff. They have promised a commitment to its staff - script available on foreign ministry’s website too.
Anyhow, they took my interviews - as like others. 
I got so disappointed for the fact that how they treated me in the interview. The interviewer was suspecting my employment and was constantly asking for evidences to prove that my life was in danger. I did provide her emails, my movement request for evacuation, incident report and many others. I tried to give her as many proves as possible, but she was not taking some. I was expecting that based on Section 22, Sentence 2, I will get accepted and will receive residence permit right away, but the opposite happened.
I did inform WHH on my arrival to Germany ?? and asked for help with regard to my case. Strangely, they told me that they can’t do anything now as I have already arrived to Germany. They said that they can’t intervene in the government’s process.
I don’t know who to reach out to and what to do now.
Please guide me on what to do.

Residence permit

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Hi JS, thank you for sharing this, and it is very infuriating to see that your former employer, Welthungerhilfe, has not been able to support you in any way. I am sorry for this, I find it very shameful.
Indeed many others Afghan local staff have experienced similar hardship, where they were made to apply for asylum even though you have the right to a residency according to §22 (2). Unfortunately, once you are in the restricting asylum procedure it is difficult to get out. Therefore, it is important that you seek help from specialist once you are thinking of applying for asylum. Because often there are better options for you than applying for asylum. You also have the right to bring someone with you in the interview with BAMF to support you and help to see if everything is going well in the interview. As the interview is important. Many often experience discrimination in places like the BAMF or immigration services. You can contact local advice center and seek for help. To seek legal advice for free you can e-mail the Refugee Law clinic in Leipzig and see-through what way, if still possible, you can receive the §22(2). You can find the contact information here:
Here are also some advice centers that I found in Merseburg:…
however, since Merseburg is quite small there are less options to choose from then in Leipzig. If you need further advice or referrals, please let me know.

I hope that this was helpful.
Best wishes


Dear Ma’am,

Allow me to thank you for inquiring the status. Well, I had been to BBI in Merseburg and the Refugees’ Law Clinic in Leipzig. Both said that they can’t do anything and that I have to wait for the decision.
I am in doldrums. The treatment has made me so disappointed. It’s been 6 months since I have given interview, but so far no response has been received. I don’t know how long will it take more.
May I request if you can raise my case with the relevant authorities? I will send you all the necessary documents.

Best Regards,



Dear JS, I am sorry to hear that they could not further help you at this moment. Unfortunately, it is very hard to predict how long it will take for you to receive a decision. It can take between 6-12months sometimes even longer! This is often a very difficult and frustrating time. Before you receive the decision, from BAMF, there is little that can be done regarding the process.
There are 4 types of decision that the BAMF can make. It might be a good idea to look up what each decision means and how that will affect you residency status in Germany. You can read this in the section "Decision" at the very bottom here:

I know the waiting time can be very frustrating and many become depressed as they are here alone, not allowed to work or do an integration course.
If you are interested, there is a local initiative in Merseburg that offers German courses for free and also other activities to help you bridge the time until you receive the decision from the BAMF.
For example there is a free German course for beginners every Tuesday from 14:00-15:30 (except during the school holidays)
You can find the address and contact person here:
Maybe this might be of interest to you.
I hope that you will soon receive the decision.

Best wishes

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