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Zak • 23 February 2023

Hallo Yara,

hope you are doing good, I have a question and my question is,

As you know my situation, I was working in near Furtwangen im Schwarzwald and I was able to pass the first semester without any problem and I thank God for that but I am so much tired because I need to work every day after the lecture for 4 hours from 3 pm till 8 and I wait one hour for the bus to come, so I reached home at 10:00 pm and I need to study and do my assignment and be present in the lectures in the next day, I was living like animal, I did not have so much time to relax and the bus system in this area is so bad.

Fortuentely all of our lectures are Hybrid with high quality and it is online ?

can I move to Essen because the rent there is so cheap, and there are so many Jobs there because of there are three big cities and study online and only go to Furtwangen during the exam and I talked with my dean, the university does not have any problem as long as I can pass the exam

It is so easily to work and study there online because of good transportation system there
and also once my residency before get expired, I will go back to Furtwangen and make new Anmeldung here in Furtwangen and renew my Visa from Auslanderberhörde in Furtwangen without problem and show my block account of 10,000 Euros in the Bank?

is that matter legally a problem?

Best Regards



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Hello Zak,
I am good, thank you, how have you been? Congratulations for passing the first semester!
Working and commuting after university sounds exhausting. I think it’s a good idea to receive the approval for your move to Essen from the university in writing, in case any of the offices ask for it. Once you move to Essen you must register your new address in Essen at the ""Bürgeramt" there. Then the Ausländerbehörde in Essen will be in charge in case you need to go there. When you move back to Furstwalde and register, then the Ausländerbehörde in Furstwalde will be in charge again. I cannot guarantee you that this will not cause any problems, sometimes the workers at the Ausländerbehörde can be quite harsh. But if you can give a reason and proof that your university allows this move then I think it should not cause much problems, however, I cannot judge whether this will be a problem legally. As I can not give you legal counseling.
For this I would recommend that you seek advice with your student advice center. Have you been there yet? Are they helpful for international students? You can find their contact here:
Otherwise, you can also go to the Diakonie they also have migration counseling and might be able to answer your questions, it’s worth contacting them via mail/phone

I hope the move to Essen goes smoothly. I am always happy to help if you have any questions.
Best wishes


Thank you very much for your quick response and I really appreciate your help, I have just spoke with international office from Furtwangen, they told me you can move and work there and come only during the exam because this program is available both Online and in presence at the same time and I have this as proof from university and also my grades during first semester and second semester will prove that to Auslanderberhörde and once my residency get expired, I can go there and renew it from ESSEN I will show them all of the support documents like my grades and passing and work contract there and block account and every support document to support my case.

I also called this :
they do not know actually, they say we do not know anything about that


Hi Zak, that's good news then! It should not be a problem to move to Essen.
Also disappointing to know that the Diakonie could not help you further. Thank you for letting us know.
I hope your move to Essen goes well. If you have any questions feel free to come back to the platform.
Best wishes


I received an Approvel from University and I contracted the Auslanderberhörde in Furtwangen just to check and they told me, you do not have a problem, you can move

Thanks for your help again

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