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AzarAbed86 • 22 May 2023

According to the German handbook, with a blue passport, I can live in other countries until my passport expires.

 My question is whether I have permission to work in another country or not.

 The second question, since the job center pays my monthly allowance and house rent, will these benefits still accrue to me after I go to another country or not?



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Hello AzarAbed86, thank you for your question, and apologies for the late reply.

With a blue passport given to recognized asylum seekers and refugees you have the right to work in Germany. If you want to go to another country and work there, you will need a work permit and a visa from that country. Furthermore, the jobcenter will only pay you benefits if you live in Germany. You must let the jobcenter know if you decide to move or even travel abroad.
Once you find a job in Germany or elsewhere you also must let the job centre know as soon as possible.
Regarding your first question. The information that I have is that you can only stay outside of Germany for 6months. Regarding the EU the regulation is that you can only stay in another European county (Schengen zone) for 90 days withing 180 days, and are not allowed to work during that time.
There are always exceptions to this rule, but you will need to get written permission from your local immigration office.

I would highly suggest that you contact the immigration office in your city and ask them. Please make sure that you also receive the answer in writing from the immigration office.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Always happy to help.
Best wishes

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