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raminsdp • 19 July 2022

Dear Sir or Madam
I am permanent resident of Ukraine who came to Germany due to war situation. I received germany temporary resident card recently. I want to come back to Ukraine for collecting my personal belongings and then come back to Germany. Here are my questions:
1- Do I need to receive Germany visa when I want to come back from Ukraine to Germany, as I have temporary resident card which I attached in this email?
2- If I want to move to another European Union country from Germany in order to reach Ukraine, do I need visa by holding this card?

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards
Ramin S.


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Dear raminsdp, thank you for your question. If you have received temporary protection in accordance with §24 of the residency act you do not need a visa to re-enter Germany, nor in the Schengen area when you re-enter Germany through e.g Poland. Before leaving Germany please always make sure that your residency will not expire during the time you are away. If you leave Germany for a long time this could lead to you loosing your residency. The general rule is that you should not leave longer than 6 months without permission from the immigration office. Short-term stays are not problematic. I hope this information was helpful. If you have further questions please let me know.
Best wishes and safe travels.


Dear Sir or Miss

Please answer my questions:
1- As I saw in handbookgermany,
It was written that they will devote 3 years residence permit to people to come from Ukraine.
Would you please tell me what will happen for us that we received two years temporary residency till march 2024
2- I have a Ukrainian car
I came out ukraine border on march 10th but i took my car to Germany from Romania at june, would you please tell me when the first year count,as the police told me you can drive one year with global insurance and license?
3- Is it necessary to register the car after one year?


Dear raminsdp,
Yes, those who are eligible for §24 should receive three year residency. I am sorry that you only received two years. Since I do not know your individual case, I cannot say why this happened.
However, you should not worry you have a secured residency until 2024 and most likely this residency will be extended if the war in Ukraine continues. If you want to go over your residency and see why you did not receive three years. I would recommend that you visit an advice center near you. If you let me know in what city, you are staying I can research a center near you. You can also research using our Local Search tool, here:
You can read more about the §24 here:

For you second question: On 18.07.2022, the European Union decided that from July 27, 2022, Ukrainian driving licenses are recognized in Germany and throughout the EU. Ukrainians who have received temporary protection in Germany may use their Ukrainian driving license and do not have to exchange it for an EU driving license. Non-Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons who were recognized as refugees in Ukraine or had another international or national protection status are also covered by this regulation. This regulation applies to you if you have temporary protection in Germany. That means you do not have to pass a theoretical or practical driving test. Furthermore, you currently do not need to have a translation of your driving license.

For your third question. Yes, your vehicle must be registered in Germany no later than one year after entering the country. To register, you must apply to the licensing office. You can find the licensing office responsible for you at by entering the name of your city or district. Among other things, you must present proof of your motor vehicle liability insurance and your ID card or passport for the application. Your car will also be checked for technical problems.
The list of documents you usually need to register your car in Germany can be found in German at
Please Note: The validity duration of your car registration starts with your first entry (with your car) into Germany. If you travel outside Germany with your car and then enter again, the one-year period will continue to run and is not going to be interrupted.
So it’s important that you have proof that you arrived with your car in June and then one year after that date you will need to have your car registered.
You can read all this information on our Ukraine page here:
I hope this information was useful. I am happy to help you further if you have any questions.
Best wishes

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