Recognition of Driving license for Buses and trucks.

maroc41 • 27 September 2022

Hello team, I have recently been offered a job to work as a bus driver. I have a license to drive buses and trucks. My license is not from EU or EEA. How can I get my license recognised so as I could take up this job offer. Thanks! 

Driving licence

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Hello maroc41
You need to go through the processes of transferring you license (“Umschreiben”).
This should be done latest 6 months after you have been registered. You can find a Driving License Office by using the search engine You have to go personally to a Driving License Office and submit various documents. Then they will let you know if you can get your license recognized without a test or if you must take the practical and/or theory again. This is quite likely as driving a bus is considered Class D and requires more training.

If you let me know where in Germany you are located I can look for offices near you.

More information on the process and what documents you need to bring, if the costs can be covered etc.. here: (this information is also available in 8 different languages)

I hope you can get your licenses soon and start your job.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask
Best wishes


Hello Yara, Thank you for your reply. It is very informative. Inasmuch as I have been offered a job in Germany, I do not reside in Germany as yet. One of the requirements to obtain a visa from my consulate is to show that my licenses have been recognized by the German authorities. For me to present myself physically to a driving license office in Germany will be a challenge. Is there another way of getting my licenses recognized? Secondly, I have done some college and received certificates upon completion of my studies. These certificates are not related to the job that I have been offered. Will it be an advantage to me to get those certificates recognized?

Thank you.


Hello maroc41, thanks for clarifying that your are currently abroad. I would advice you to seek more information at this service center and see if you can get your certificates recognized:
Concerning your license, your license is accepted for the first 6 months in Germany. You will need to get it officially translated. How to make sure it is valid can be found on our information site:
After the 6 months you will probably need to transfer your license to a German one. This depends on the country of origin.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
Best wishes

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