Question about Family reunion Procedures

Rahim • 18 August 2022


I’m from Afghanistan and recently have received positive answer from the BAMF and recognized as a refugee.

In order to request in first three months, I filled out timely notification form for family reunification, notified Ausländer Behörde and got confirmation from their side that I attempted on a good time and finally registered for appointment in German Embassy in Tehran.

Is there any thing left for now or all is good with this procedure up to this point? 
Thank you. 

Answers (2)


Hello Rahim, first of all congratulations for receiving a positive response from the BAMF!
It seems to be that all is good with the procedure, since I do not know your individual case I can give you the general information of the next steps. Your family will have to go to the appointment and bring all the needed documents. It is a good idea to already prepare them. You can find a list of documents here:
If you need further information, on what to do when your family arrives in Germany let me know. Currently family reunification procedures can unfortunately take a long time. Nevertheless, I hope that your family can reunite with you in Germany as soon as possible.
Best wishes

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