PLC programming/ Machine learning/ AI programming

Medhat • 14 March 2023

Dear Friends 

Is there a way to get educational training on PLC or python or machine learning or AI in English in Germany? Or it’s a kind of impossible. 

if we look at the industrial standards we do see German company at the top. I found it illogical to don’t have English speaking training since a lot of engineers would come to Germany to get training 



please share any experience 



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Dear Medhat, thank you for your question. I agree that Germany needs accommodate to an English speaking audience and make English courses available if they want to attract engineers or those that study IT.
I found some free courses in English that you can take online, or in Berlin, from the ReDit School. For Python, I found this foundation course:
Maybe they also offer more intensive courses, it’s worth getting in touch with them.
There are also other schools that of course take money, but you can learn remotely from home. I remember you also asked a question about ProArbeit, were they able to get back to you and help you find a course? Or did they only have German courses?
If you need further info, I am happy to help.
Best wishes

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