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iamfatimah • 8 September 2022



My name is Fatima, my family and I moved here in Germany about 3 months ago from Afghanistan. We applied for asylum and hopefully we are getting the asylum benefit now. My father needs to open a bank account and the Bank employees need someone who speak German and not English or any other languages besides I told them that I don't have anyone in here but they don't listen, since we are here about 3 months I could not learn German to the point where I can speak fluently with someone therefore I have been looking for a translator who speaks Farsi/Dari/English and German for a while now but I couldn't find anyone and I don't know anyone privately here. I am sure that the banking work will take only about 20 to 30 minutes and I am even willing to pay them if they could do the work but I haven't found anyone yet .The appointment is on 21 September. I read it on Handbook Germany that you might be able to help me to find a local counselling center or supportive initiative in my area where I can seek support . We are based in Herne close to Bochum city.

It would be very helpful if you could help otherwise I have no choice but to cancel the appointment. Waiting for your answers. 

Thank you so much in advance. 


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Hello iamfatimah, I am sorry to hear that your father can not open a bank account, that must be very frustrating.
I have found a couple of volunteer groups in Bochum and Herne that you can contact and see if they can help you translating.
If you want, I can also contact them on your behalf- just let me know.…

I hope that you can open a bank account soon
Best wishes


Thanks a lot for your answer! I'll contact them tomorrow.


Hello Dear Yara,

Sorry for the very late answer from me. Yes I did opened the bank account successfully for my father. I tried to reach the social workers you suggested me to but unfortunately I couldn't get through. One of the employees at the bank spoke English and she did it for us.

thank you for your help again.

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