How to invite my Indian wife to Germany

irontimoor1 • 11 September 2022

Hello to all members of (Together in Germany)

I am an Afghan refugee residing in Germany now, but my wife is Indian citizen, how can i invite her in Germany? 
kindly give me some information about the procedure to bring her in Germany.

Thanking you.
Best regards  

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Hello irontimoor1, thank you for your question family reunification is a topic that is of great interest of many. I hope that you wife can join you very soon in Germany.
First of all recognized refugees with a blue passport can bring their families to Germany, it is important that you start the process not later than 3 months after the BAMF's decision. If you apply later then it becomes harder to apply for family reunification, with much more requirements.
Therefore, your wife should apply at the German embassy for family reunification and you should let the "Ausländerbehörde" or here: know that you want to do family reunification.
Please not that the paper that you will receive is very important and should be kept safe. The paper is called „fristwahrende Anzeige“

Your wife should bring the following documents to her appointment at the german embassy:
The confirmation email from the embassy regarding the appointment
A copy of your „fristwahrende Anzeige“
Visa applications for all family members
A family registration certificate (if applicable)
Birth certificates of all family members
Marriage certificate
A copy of your German residence permit
A copy of BAMF's decision on your case

It could be that the embassy asks for other papers as well.

Please read our information about family reunification for refugees thoroughly, here we try to explain the procedure step by step:

If you still have any questions, I am always happy to help.
Best wishes

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