How to get an appointment from Pakistan embassy

moqimkabul • 25 October 2022

Hello miss Yara, I called all NGO'S you give me the number but unfortunately they said they can't help. If you find out any other ways to get a quick appointment in Pakistan embassy please let me know. 

Regards.  Moqim 

Answers (1)


Hello moqimkabul, I am sorry that you could not get help from the NGO's. There is no other way to receive a quick appointment unfortunately, as mentioned, only in rare cases of hardship can you get an appointment sooner. The average waiting time is around 1-2 years. I know this is long and frustrating it is due to the shortage of staff at the embassies.
We have more information on how to make an appointment here:`-=awrdn-a`day-khanwadh-bh-alman-bh-alman#lc-start

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