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Rafat • 20 July 2022

Hello.  I came to Germany 5 Months ago.  I was a local employee of German organizations in Afghanistan.  I found my residence card and all my items.  So far, I have not been given German language training or a course.  I don't know what to do and which way to go.  I live in Amberg, Bavaria

Integration course

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Hello Rafat, thank you for your question. Yes, unfortunately the German government has not opened the doors for former local staff to attend an Integration course. This is a hurdle for many. However, you can ask the BAMF to give you access to the integration course. Or you can also ask the agency that is providing you with social benefits to receive access.
The BAMF has provided the following information on access to the integration course:…
Also available in Dari here:…
We have more general information on the integration course here:
It might be possible for you to also attend a so called German course for work, you can read up on the requirements here:

If you need further assistance, in Amberg (Oberpfaltz/Bavaria) you can go the Caritas they offer advice for migrants, their details are here:…
Please let me know if this information was useful and if you need further support. I hope that you can soon start you integration course.

Best wishes


Hello dear .
Big problems here i sent letter to BAMF , but they told me i cant attend the integration course. Its very difficult and be hard


Hello Rafat, I am sorry to hear this. Did the BAMF give you any reason why you cannot attend? I would suggest that you seek advice from a counseling center. Did you manage to contact this center?…
Were they helpful? Otherwise I can search for another place that you can contact.
Apologies for the late reply. Please let me know if you are having further difficulties.
Best wishes

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